Scenic Ridge Fruit Farm Rip-off

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Business: Scenic Ridge Fruit Farm, 2031 State Rd 89, Jeromesville, OH 44840

Phone: (419)368-3353

Date of ***: Aug 1, 2010

In order to let our kids to have some fun, my whole family drove 90 minutes to Scenic Ridge Fruit Farm to pick up peaches. When checking out, I handed a $20 bill to the cashier. After putting the money in the drawer, the cashier insisted that she only received a $5 bill. I knew it is $20 becasue I just withdrew $200 from the ATM machine before heading to this place -- all the bills are $20. I also have my friend as a witness -- she saw I gave the cashier a $20 bill. My husband and I called the manager but he said he'd rather trust the cashier. My husband called 911 for police. The most outrageous thing happened -- they threatened us that my husband will be arrested once the police came.

Finally the police came to the scene -- he could not do anything about it since no side has the proof. We ended up with a police report (report number 5351).

We are not seeking any compensation -- we went to Scenic Ridge Fruit Farm just for the kids to have some fun. If there is no fun, we will never go.

I just want to let others know this rip-off. Be careful about your cash and wallet so that you will not be robbed and then threatened.

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